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Tamarisk control slowly pays off

Diorhabda carinulata, the Tamarisk Beetle

Diorhabda carinulata, the Tamarisk Beetle

It took decades for invasive tamarisk trees to overtake waterways across much of the West, and local weed control experts say that it could take decades more for willows and other native trees to adequately recover.

While researchers have come to different conclusions about the impacts that tamarisk has on wildlife and water availability, there is no doubt that the plant has greatly changed the region’s streams and rivers.

Read more at Moab Sun News.


The living storm passed over the Colorado Plateau today, raking the sandstone canyons with rain and snow virgas, and the sun set among steel gray clouds, painting the faintest wispy shreds a bright orange.  What more could anyone want, except that gross pile of tomorrow’s garbage we’re told to want?  Every cell in me loves this harsh land.  Who am I if I don’t rise up and defend it from the fools and thieves that seek to gut it for a few more moments of illusory wealth?